Culture is everything for Perfuro because cycling is more than a sport or a recreational activity. Cycling is all encompassing of the experiences of challenge and achievement, teamwork and friendship, as well as health and wellbeing. There is also the relationship with the environment and the energy of the forces which propel our world.
This compelling mixture of influences is the driving force behind Perfuro’s efforts to link cyclists together, in experiences that shape their life journey.
The themes of our culture are defined by these key areas:

Ride the Lightning

It’s about the journey mapped-out for the day’s ride and the mix of flat speed cycling, leading into challenging hill climbs, and the exhilarating downhill descent. The test of your capacity requires vitality for sustained physical and mental energy. Strength is the grit to persist, the force of energy that comes from within you and all around you. It is a mixture of mental determination along with the combined power of the team.

Perfuro Peloton

It’s about a team, working together as one. The vital element is a commitment to the peloton, which together not only saves energy, it has the power to harness it! Every riders contribution to the peloton is rewarded with a greater sense of camaraderie, commitment, and perseverance which results in ever-evolving achievements.

Perfuro Collective

It’s about companionship and the values shared through support networks and social opportunities. The collective is about a community of riders and cycling enthusiasts committed to their sport, their physical and mental health, and the health and wellbeing of the Perfuro community.

Allow The Storm Within You Rage

When you wear Perfuro cycling gear, it unleashes your inner potential. It provides a window to an untapped drive you didn’t know existed. Like lightning, it galvanises your willpower to succeed and propels you forward to achieve your personal best. You will be the primo cyclist in the peloton.

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