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Perfuro is cycling gear for the adventurer in all of us. No matter what the conditions, the difficulty of the climb, the intensity of the wind, the chill or the heat, our apparel will do its job so that you can focus on conquering the challenge ahead.

Perfuro cycling apparel is an original performance fit cycling garment that is not only comfortable but designed to be well ventilated. Perfuro Gear is printed with European inks and using the finest of Italian materials, our garments utilize enhanced fabrics, to deliver comfort that is second to none.

Our cycling apparel delivers style and safety combined. It includes features such as:

  • An extra wide collar, for when you are on the drops.
  • Moisture-wicking and cooling air ventilation.
  • A cut that is technologically aerodynamic and firm.

Our cycling jerseys are stitched using a two-needle, flat stitch method; This leaves a seam that is flat on the inside —which is more comfortable for the wearer, with a subtle twin row of stitching on the outside, which creates a more sleek and appealing visual ascetic.

Our shorts have a flatlock stitch, to give them superior strength and durability. Flexibility and comfort are both critical elements to the Perfuro design which includes a chamois built to withstand the toughest riding challenge you can take on.

Perfuro designs are inspired by the elements of earth, water, fire, wind, and space. The environmental forces we cannot control but must understand, and endure, to complete the ride.

This thematic approach is applied to our garment designs by encapsulating the natural patterns and elements of the climate and the weather. This is done with the intention of inspiring greater energy and resolve for the ride.


The  RAINMAP  is inspired by the thematic elements of storms. The dark colours, the contours of rain charts and the lightning-bolt are intended to signify Perfuro’ s themes of strength and perseverance.

The  COLDFRONT  is inspired by a red-hot summer sunset, that is soon to be cooled by a cold front, as depicted in the synoptic chart. The origin of this design is embedded in the imagery of the airflow and a cold front shifting the energy. This design signifies strength, speed and winning performance.


The WHIRLPOOL channels the energy into the Vortex and through to your soul. The cool blues and greens symbolise the Ocean and its Power. The image of the Whirlpool depicts the acceptance into your Core of the energy you need to Conquer your Ride.

The SWELL symbolises the perpetual movement of fluid on the Earth. Look out to the horizon, you see its endless form, constantly washing in and over you. The cool greens and blues symbolise the Ocean and its Power from the swell.

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