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Ride The lightning

When you wear Perfuro, it unleashes your inner potential. At Perfuro Gear, we looked out and saw that we needed to create something new, something inspiring, something that you can draw energy from, and use it to power your ride. Perfuro provides a window to an untapped drive you didn’t know existed. Perfuro itself a verb, meaning to storm, to rage and thunder is synonymous with the mindset to power you through the next challenge. The word itself invokes the power, the energy, and the freedom that this gives you from the elements that surround us and provide the mindset to power you through your next challenge. Perfuro's designs take inspiration from mother nature - the greatest force we know, so you can feel it inspire and give you the strength to achieve anything. Like lightning, it galvanises your willpower to succeed and propels you forward to achieve your personal best. With Perfuro gear you can become the Primo cyclist in the peloton.

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